Rules and Procedures for the Northport Golf Club

For Everyone’s Enjoyment

All Players must register in the Pro Shop.

Maximum 4 players per group unless authorized by Pro.

Golf carts must stay on paths and follow posted rules

For their safety, non-playing children under 12 years of age are Not Allowed.

Please repair ball marks, replace or repair divots, and rake sand traps.

Slower players are expected to yield to faster players.

Proper attire, including shirts and shoes, required.

Players starting on their 10th hole may alternate with players on the 1st tee.

No alcoholic beverages allowed on golf course

Non-metal spikes only.

Maintenance equipment has the right of way.


Always follow cart directional signs.

Keep carts at least 15 yards from greens.

Each player must have their own set of clubs and bag.

USGA rules govern all play except as modified by local rules.

Local Rules

1.  Preferred lies in your own fairway - 1 foot

2.  Free lifts allowed from:

Ditches not marked as Hazard

4 Mounds on 1st Fairway

Trees marked with pink ribbon

Cart paths and related areas

* All of the above - Nearest point of relief no closer to the hole and 1 club length

3.  Water Hazard - Yellow Stakes

4.  Lateral Hazard - Red Stakes

5.  Out of Bounds

White stakes right of #3, #4, #12 & #13 Holes

White stakes left of #5 & #14 Holes

6.  Tee Markers

Men - Front 9: White   -   Back 9 Black

Women - Front 9: Gray  -  Back 9: Green

7.  Please refrain from driving carts into free growing Fescue areas:

Left & Right  -  #1, #2, #10 & #11 Holes

Left  -  #4, #7, #8, #13, #16 & #17 Holes

Right  -  #6 & #15 Holes

Yardage Markers Measured to Middle of Green

Red = 100 yards     White = 150 Yards     Blue = 200 yards